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Maternity pastel on sanded paper 22x28. Accepted at the 10th Annual Juried Northeast National Pastel Exhibition, 2014 and received THE OUTSTANDING PORTRAIT AWARD. Selected to the Degas Pastel Society Fifteenth Biennial National Exhibition 2014. Accepted at the Southeastern Pastel Society Juried Exhibition 2015. Juried by INA at the Indianapolis Art Museum and featured at the Indy's Indiana Bicentennial Exhibitions NUVO June 07, 2016

It was a wonderful evening at Old Forge NY at the Adirondack

With David Francis, PSA Juror of Awards

This painting represents a metaphor of modern family . The interplay between the oldest of bonds between a mother and daughter and the new technology. The tension between physical connection and mental distance. Each of the two is in her own universe on her own devise yet both warmly bonded together. (Discussion at the ceremony)

I Am Not a Little Girl Anymore was published in The Artist's Magazine: January/February 2014 where received THE 3rd PLACE AWARD in the 2013 Annual Art Competition Starts on the Rise. Please see my Art Portfolio.

The Greatest Award of my Life

 The painting below "Shall I grow up" (soft pastel 24x20) will be in display at the Oglethorpe University Museum of Art in Atlanta Georgia until June 27 2016 . Most likely it will receive no award or recognition but I just received the greatest award that any father can receive from a child. My daughter wrote: “I wanted to try to make it to the reception but it is on a Monday and 5 hours away. Weston and I are planning on going to museum to see it on a weekend most likely in June. I've always wanted to see one of your paintings displayed in a museum. I am so very proud of you dad! Every so often I look at your website and this time I read your Wikipedia page and was moved to tears how your art was described, “Caro´s inspiration for his realistic and psychological paintings are mainly his family and the sea”. Not only have you lived an incredibly successful life as a doctor but you are now living your original childhood dream as an artist. There is no one in this world I admire more. And I truly mean that. You are the definition of the American dream, coming to this country barely knowing the language as a new husband and father and look at all you have accomplished. Your brilliance, devotion, and big heart is remarkable. I just want you to know how much I love you! Thank you for being you :) "

"The Hug" received the Art-Inspired Story Award at the Peninsula Art League's 13th Annual Show

The poem by Judith Cullen made my two grandchildren very happy

Here is "The Hug", soft pastel in sanded paper 24x22

CHOICES, pastel on sanded paper 22x28 inches. Received the AWARD OF MERIT at the Degas Pastel Society 19th Membership Exhibition, 2015.

THE MOST IMPORTANT IN MY LIFE...MARICE, MY CHILDREN, AND GRANDCHILDREN. If I worked hard it was because of them, if I am painting now it is also because of them. Here are my treasures in a photo FROM CHRISTMAS 2017





It is Marice Ettlin Caro, my spouse and the love of my life that I acknowledge first for sharing her life with me and helping me to become a better person. With all my imperfections I tried to do the same with her. Of course I love my children and my family but that is pure biology. I did not choose my family but I did choose Marice. .


On this 2008, "retired" from SCIENCE and MEDICINE after 40 glorious years and continuing my devotions to my FAMILY I shall start a new journey into ART.


I recognize that I shall never finish this work. It will be easy and relatively boreing to review what it was done. But planning what is left to do will be impossible because when I finish one project the next will start. Or it might be that when I become older I will lose the excitment of wondering what is next. Then I will be able to finish. I guess that is what I will call death even if I am alive.

I will organize this web by a series of questions.

Second question - Why do I want to start a new journey in to art?

My great granduncle, Rafael Eiroa, was an artist in the late IXX century Spain. One of his paintings was in my parents’ home which I could see from my bedroom. It was a middle age woman sitting in a dilapidated straw chair. Her face was void of expression, her eyes unfixed and gazed into space. It was almost as if she was waiting to catch the opportunity she did not have. Every night I fell to sleep thinking about her, about opportunities, the future, and most definitively that I wanted to paint like my uncle Rafael.

After the Spanish Civil war, my family like many others immigrated to America looking for the freedom they did not have under the fascist dictatorship of Francisco Franco. I still remember vividly those 21 days crossing the ocean aboard the ship Buena Esperanza (Good Hope). My uncle’s large canvas painting was carefully removed from the frame by my father, rolled and stored into a trunk labeled “memories from Spain”.

We settled in Uruguay, a small country between Argentina and Brazil, made entirely of European descendants. Uruguay was nicknamed the “Switzerland of l America”. For it was the prospect of freedom, education and opportunity that lured my family to transplant from Spain to Uruguay. Many years had passed before my mother decided to open the trunk. The canvas was severely damaged. At every turn of the flattened roll the oil paint had chipped away. I was a teenager and had forgotten the woman sitting in a chair. Nevertheless, my parents knowing my interest for art suggested that I repair her. I bought oils and brushes and I did it! I knew then what I wanted to become. But when I told my father about my desire to enter the school of art he said “study son, you will always have time to paint”.

I became a physician and soon after graduation I moved to the USA with my wife and daughter looking for freedom and opportunities, like my parents did. It has been a great 40 years journey but I never found time to paint like my father said.

Thus, I left medicine and science at age 60 to find time to paint. Over the last three years I found the joy of the opportunity but also the need of a formal education in art so that I can translate what I imagine into color and shapes. But I do not want to occupy a seat at the Academy of Art University at my age just to satisfy a capriccio of my childhood.

Metamorphosis/evolution/transformation/change...we must accept, embrace and not be afraid of. The power of a role model, of someone saying “I want to be like you”. There is no doubt that my life experiences in medicine will influence my perception and doing of art. And how I will loop in my learning of art back into medicine and society at large is only in my imagination. Will I have enough time? But if only a few in my social network, that are frozen in their success or misery, have the courage of real transformation, I would say this effort is not in vain. And it does not appear to be in vain since my youngest son Rafael came to see me yesterday suggesting his interest in art. After reading this statement of intent he smiled and firmly said “I will start a carreer in art this fall semester”. If I finish wanting to paint like my uncle Rafael and my son Rafael, I would say it is not a bad way to end.

I would say this effort is not in vain...from a colleague

Dear Dr. Caro:

I should tell you I read your web page entitled "Family, Science and Art of Jose F Caro" and I found it really interesting. To be honest, it made me think about life and what life is about.

At the end of the day, it seems that the most important thing to a person is family and friends. No matter how successful one has been in his career, how many papers published, how many marathons run,... at the end is people around you that counts.

I'm far from many people that I love, and again, reading your page made me think what is really important in life.

Thank you for sharing it.

Best wishes,

a friend.

And...I would say this effort is not in vain...from my daughter Marina

I was moved to tears viewing your website. Without a doubt even if tomorrow never comes you have lived a full life filled with love and amazing talents and accomplishments. I will always hold in my memory when we watched the movie "mi familia" and the closing scene when despite all the drama in one lifetime the family endured the main character turns to his wife at old age and says "we had a good life".....i love u and I wouldnt be who I am without u and moms support. never stop painting........

This effort is not in vain...from a medical student on Christmas 2011. What could it be better than this to complete my transformation?

Hello Dr. Caro. I absolutely love the pastel. You are so talented. I remember you when I was in my medical training at ECU medical school/PCMH. I finished in pediatrics/neonatology. May God continue to bless you and your edeavours in art in 2012.

One of my best visiting scientist from Italy

Dear Jose',

these are my Jewels. I am very proud of them.

I have to say that I am in the USA and I have married an american, because of that visiting period in Greenville, with you, that has revolutionized my life perspective.

Your art work is great and I know you are happy, you have always been and always will be.

I look forward seeing you and Marice.

Clearly you are always welcome in San Antonio, in our house.

Kind regards

From my best former Chief Medical Residents at Jefferson Medical College


Someone forwarded me the link to your web site. Your paintings are great. Your love for your family is evident throughout!

I am still at Jefferson, but I work in the Dean's Office now as Associate Dean for GME. I just wanted you to know I realize that this wouldn't have been possible if you hadn't given me a chance as a new faculty member years ago! Let me know if you are ever in Philadelphia

From a Graduate Student at East Carolina University

Hi Dr. Caro,

Thank you for accepting my invitation and congratulations on your 'second' career. While at ECU, I always appreciated your clinical acumen and lectures and, having viewed some of your works, it is apparent that you artistic skills are equally well honed. I have always appreciated fine art and have visited many of the worlds most vaunted art galleries. Similar to yourself, I had an aunt who was a gifted artist; however, unlike yourself that particular locus did not translocate into my DNA as I have trouble drawing stick figures! If you watched the movie Amadeus, you could liken it to Salieri and Mozart in that Salieri had the capacity to recognize genius yet lacked the ability to create a work of genius. The work I saw on your link of the 3 girls was absolutely stunning. Not certain what your take is on certain 'modern' art works; however, I have seen some (such as a canvass painted in a solid blue color that Christie's was auctioning with an estimated bid of $1,000,000.00) that I firmly believe I could adequately reproduce. What you achieve with your work is not only aesthetically pleasing in a way that transforms the senses, but also demands a moment of pause based on the sheer technical accomplishment involved in creating such a work. My hats off to you on your latest endeavor and take care--.

From a very good artist

Dear Dr. Jose Caro,

Really, I don't know how to express my feelings when I go through your webside .

Looking at your very beautiful artwork, a fulfilled career and a rich familylife.

You are a very gifted man who's life is not only valuable for your family, but also for patients and art lovers.

You are a true example of how to live a life, using all your talents.

Your source must be just Love.

You remain a modest man, whilst you have achieved a lot admiration and of acknowledgement.

I can't tell you how happy I am to be connected with an inspiring man like you. Thank you very much.

May I also pass my compliments to your wife, she also is a great artist!

Thank you once again and may God bless you and your family.

From my art teacher my first day back to College. He is a great artist and a true scholar

Dear Jose,

Thanks so much for your very kind words and appreciation.

I was pleased to take a long look at your website and was very impressed with your artwork as well as your accomplished first career and contributions to medicine. Thank you for sending me the link and for asking me to join you on LinkedIn.

I am very excited to see where our work together will take you as you further your second career in art.

Honored to be your teacher for this short time and grateful to be part of your journey.

From a colleague at Eli Lilly & Comp

Dear Jose, was that your magnificent painting I saw on display at IMA? My 16 year old daughter and I played hooky as I prepare for a Tokyo trip tomorrow and we came across "I am not alone. " Incredibly life like and detailed. My privilege to know the artist, at least I hope you are! Best Regards,

From a friend, Executive VP and Founder of a Search for Talent Company


You are peerless, in my opinion, in not only intelligence, but PASSION. I loved that from our first meeting at Lilly. How can you NOT love a passionate, extraordinary, intelligent leader? The folks loved that leadership. Trust me, please....

I sent the link to your website to one of my daughters, and my ex-wife. My 18 year old daughter, Delaney, asked me "do you really know this guy." "A little," I said, not trying to magnify our dialogue too much. Delaney called me out, and said, "Dad, you really KNOW this guy." I humbly said "I do.

....." Your painting of mother/daughter captivated by their "devices" is an incredible artistic display of society today. I studied your work with marked intensity, and gripped your message and tremendous vision. Sir, you are so "dead-on" with the macro-focus in this society, magically portrayed on canvas, displays your talent and vision and observational understanding intelligence. It is well-beyond clear about your relationships you have with your girls. If someone asked them about you, my humble guess would be something like, "there is no more loving, passionate, intelligent Father than my Dad." (i hope the makes you smile, only in that it is reflective of the truth.) Jose, that comment is NOT disputable, albeit, presumptuous. I say that with my utmost respect, so I hope you do not think I am speaking wrongly. I certainly hope that I am 'out-of-line.' Your family supersedes EVERYTHING. Your passionate nature, along with your IMMENSE intelligence is considered "REMARKABLE," .....

From a friend and a great supportive of the arts with great human values

Hello Dr. Jose F. Caro,

I looked at your profile on LinkedIn and when I read your daughter’s letter describing your life’s journey and all the accomplishments and success in medicine and science, tears came in my eyes and I don’t even know you (usually we cry sometimes with family or friends).

It takes courage to go back to college to study fine art to fulfill your life’s long dreams and start a new career as an artist. I wish all the young artists today with big dreams and hopes have the courage, devotion and especially the persistence and passion to fulfill their dreams to be an artist.

Congratulations to all your accomplishments, and more to come.

Best regards,Click to add text, images, and other content

From a friend that my entire family loves and respect very much

Jose, I am so happy that you completed this latest masterpiece. I know the paper sat for awhile, waiting for you to bring life to it. And that is what you did so well. The love that you have for your family shines through in the images of their lives and attention to the details of their being. I am in constant awe of the array of talent that you possess. You are truly one of the most remarkable and prolific artists that I've had the pleasure of knowing and that great pride in calling you my friend. I hope that you remain inspired to recreate the world around you and show us all your passion for life. Thank you for being a wonderful human being.

From an extraordinary endocrinologist and humanist

Dear Dr. Caro,

I got so impressed with your powerful recommendation to one of your former faculty , and as I was deeply touched by your sharing the wonderful personal story, I got interested to know a bit more about you, so, Google directed me to your website.

I was immensely mesmerized by what I saw: What a fascinating story! That is, your new job (Art)!

And I visited the gallery: That is an incredible collection of spectacular displays of beautiful art! I scrolled through all the art works, but I need to go back later to study each work in more depth!

And I read your story: Switching from a very prominent career in the practice and mastering of Medicine and Science to the practice and mastering of Art! While I am not an artist I have multiple other interests : Calligraphy and poetry and writing in Humanities. I am working on two books now.

I will write more later.

Have a wonderful time.

From a wonderful photographer artist and friend


I visited your website several times, and was overwhelmed! Your credentials are stellar, but the art you created left me in awe and admiration. Although I can only capture a moment with my camera, and may have some small facility regarding color and shape (and that only infrequently and more often than not serendipitously), the moments you capture display a depth and insight into contemporary human character and conditions, and impart an emotional impact that I can only respect and esteem. You have a wonderful grasp of line and color and composition. I admire your abilities enormously, and thank you for producing works of art I can both enjoy, and think, make me a more thoughtful and insightful person for having experienced them.

Best regards to you and your wife,

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